15 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Turn Your Back On The Media

There’s a few reasons why you may be questioning if you should trust the media or not. It’s possible that you’ve read few misleading articles. Maybe the news, in general, stresses you out and I certainly can’t fault you on those feelings. I get a little overwhelmed myself. Our president has even gone as far as saying that the media is the enemy of the American people. I, respectfully, disagree and not only because I have always been obsessed with magazines and have looked up to journalists my entire life. I respect the craft of journalism and I appreciate and understand their purpose in society.

If you’re thinking about calling it quits with the media, I urge you to reconsider your breakup. Here’s 15 reasons to work it out!

  1. They have inside sources that give them information we could never find ourselves.
  2. It’s their job to investigate questions a majority of us have and they’ll do it a heck of a lot better than regular civilians would.
  3. They have a press pass that gives them access to events, speaking engagements, press conferences and even crime investigations. Without them, we’d have no idea what’s going on in the White House, award shows, red carpets, protests, sporting events, etc.
  4. They get you up-to-speed in the political world so you’ll know who your votes will go to every two and four years.
  5. Even competitors band together like family when their character, profession and craft are attacked.
  6. When networking and interviewing for jobs, it’s always a good idea to be informed on a few current events just in case the subject comes up.
  7. Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to the fate of the country, safety issues in your neighborhood or even something like product recalls. The media makes it a point to learn about these issues and pass that knowledge onto their readers.
  8. Not all journalists are scummy. While you may have the stereotype that journalists will do anything to get the story out first, regardless of truth, or can be a little pushy and heartless, a lot of them really seem to care about their audience.
  9. The news never sleeps so journalists are literally busting their asses sometimes all night to get the information to the people. Last week, I was up late studying economics and just so happened to open twitter. I caught Ezra Klein, Editor-in-Chief of Vox, tweeting around 12:30am about Michael Flynn’s resignation as National Security Advisor. I see Ezra posting on social media all hours of the day and night. That kind of dedication is common in the journalism world and it’s very admirable.
  10. The media bases their material on what their target audience wants to read about. With this in mind, you can find a media outlet that talks about things you want to know. There’s outlets for every demographic. Teen Vogue is my favorite example because they talk fashion, sex, relationships, celebrities, music and even politics in a way that teenagers can understand. There’s always going to be an publication that fits your needs and interests.
  11. The media’s work ethic and perfectionism is unmatched. Journalist go through each story with a fine tooth comb. Articles need to have sources and the fact checks need to be fact checked. It’s serious business!
  12.  Who else is going to correct the lies told to us by public figures and politicians?
  13. Guess who doesn’t have tickets to Fashion Week? Us! Guess who does? THE MEDIA! Without them, we don’t get to see any of it! 😦
  14. Did anyone else wonder what lipstick shades Dakota Johnson was wearing in Fifty Shades Darker? I was dying to know and guess who had our backs? The media! 🙂ana
  15. They have more secrets than Gretchen Wieners and they crack faster that she does. Yes, they do it to make money and a name for themselves, but they also do it so that we’re in on the secrets and not left in the dark.gretchen

I am begging you to please give the media a chance. Without them, we wouldn’t know a large percentage of the information we have. After all, hearsay isn’t trustworthy and textbooks are selective and outdated. Facts are facts and a majority of these facts were first told to us by a journalist, in one way or another. Find a publication that speaks to you, take the time to fact check and put your trust in the media. Don’t let a few bad bloggers and salty politicians deter you from getting informed 🙂

-D.O. ❤


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25 Reasons Why I Love Being Married

It’s #MCM and I, of course, only have eyes for one man… my husband, duh! This past Saturday marked exactly six months that my husband and I have been married! Crazy! They say the first year of marriage is really hard but these six months have been a breeze! They haven’t been perfect but nothing ever is!

All-in-all, I love being married! Here’s why.

  1. I live with my best friend. Forever!
  2. I found my “person”.
  3. I’m his biggest fan and vice versa.
  4. The intimacy has yet to die and I don’t think it ever will.
  5. He cooks better than me.
  6. Our life plans include each other. Always.
  7. He completes my little family 🙂
  8. I always have someone to do the heavy lifting. 💪🏽
  9. His money is my money and my money is my money. Jk. 😜
  10. He’s my photographer and it’s FREE! Perks!
  11. He’s creative so he contributes a lot of ideas to my blog.
  12. We communicate so much better now.
  13. We bring each other surprises. (Mostly pop vinyl figures and food lol)
  14. He teaches me something new almost everyday.
  15. The trust is there now more than ever.
  16. I get to call this handsome man “my husband”.
  17. Hearing him call me his wife brings a genuine smile to my face.
  18. We both enjoy the same things so choosing a date night activity is easy peasy.
  19. He’s great with our dogs. (They listen to him more than me.)
  20. I can be myself around him.
  21. I always have someone to listen to me vent, gossip, think out loud, etc.
  22. Even if we disagree, we’re still always on the same team.
  23. We laugh so much together.
  24. I adore my new last name 🙂
  25. My overall mood and life has improved so much after we said “I do”. I’m a happier person because of it and I couldn’t be more pleased with the man I chose to call my husband and Mekhi’s stepfather!

I could probably go on and on but I don’t want to bore you all! ✌🏼

Happy Six Months, Bro! 

In DC last week
Family Photo
4th of July
He’s So Handsome!
We Eloped!

-D.O. ❤

21 Reasons Why I’m A Basic B and IDGAF :)

You can make fun of me if you want to but I’ll just be over here sipping my Pumpkin Spice Latte and living my life! 

Here’s why I’m basic AF! 

  1. Obvi, I love PSL or anything pumpkin for that matter. 
  2. I can eat avocados with anything. 
  3. I rock Hunter boots when it’s raining…or when it’s not. Whatevs. 
  4. Snap filters are my jam. 
  5. Brows are life. 
  6. Brunch? Yes please!
  7. Mimosas? Duh! 
  8. Did my Ipsy bag come yet ooorrrr?
  9. Scarves! All the scarves! 
  10. Because wine.
  11. I can quote Mean Girls all day! 
  12. I totes abrev like half of my sentences. 
  13. Lauren Conrad is my hero. Goals AF!
  14. Nail Day!!!! 
  15. Selfies on selfies!
  16. Fall is my favorite season. 
  17. I own a poodle mix. 
  18. I have to make it to coachella one year before I literally die! 
  19. Meet me at happy hour?
  20. Target is my happy place.
  21. Yaaaassss!

Embrace your basic, ladies! I certainly have! 
-D.O. ❤

Who Says You’re Too Old To Wear Overalls?


You may be thinking that overalls are a bit childish and too Osh-Kosh for you but I personally LOVE them! And I’m not the only one. Overalls can be seen recently rocked by Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift and Olivia Palermo. One of my favorite bloggers, Christina, from New Darlings, is no stranger to the look either.

The fact that these style icons boarded the overall train is not the reason why I adore them so much.

Five reasons why I’m a fan:

  1. They are adorable
  2. They hide your bloat when you’re in the mood to wear a crop top.
  3. They’re comfy
  4. They’re versatile! (They can be casual or dressed up with jewelry and a pair of heels.)
  5. I get a lot of compliments on them.

I wore an overall skirt to a local festival on Sunday and a random woman raved about my outfit. A few days later, while visiting DC, I wore my skinny overall pants and the front desk girls at my hotel stopped me to tell me how awesome they were. They both mentioned that they would not have thought to buy them if they’d seen them on the rack but loved them on me. Both girls are now in the market for a pair of their own.

Give overalls a chance, ladies! Just do it! They will not disappoint!



me and khi zoo
Exploring the National Zoo With My Son Mekhi
Photo Courtesy of My Husband’s Snapchat lol

 -D.O. ❤

“Happiness Can Be Found, Even in the Darkest of Times, If One Only Remembers to Turn on the Light.”

This quote from Albus Dumbledore has stuck with me over the years. I use it as a reminder to remain optimistic even in the darkest of times. I’ve always been an optimistic person, however, there are days when I can lose that for just a moment.

The universe has been pretty good to me lately so I can’t really complain but life is never a smooth road. In the words of the shrunken head on the Knight Bus, “It’s gonna be a bumpy ride!” I’ve driven on some pretty rocky roads so I know this to be true.

I like to be prepared for my next dark time. Like the great Hagrid once said, “There’s a storm coming, Harry. And we all best be ready when she does.” With that in mind, I try  not to forget ways to get through my next storm. Whether it’s just a drizzle or a full on monsoon, I have a plan. I’ll remember to turn on the light.



Can you tell I’m a Harry Potter nerd?  😉

-D.O. ❤


Live A Little

I cannot believe that it is already mid-July! Where has the time gone? This year is flying by and it got me thinking that I really need to start living life in a more exciting and fun way.

This August, my husband and I are making it a point to go on a couple of small road trips. I am always so scared to just get up and go because I think about more responsible ways to allocate the funds but I have to stop. I’m 30 years old, I rarely travel and my family and I need to start seeing life beyond the bars of Cleveland, Ohio!We are heading to DC for three days in mid-August with my son. This one was actually my son’s idea. He adores Barack Obama and is so excited to see the White House. We also got invited to tag along with some friends to the Afro Punk Fest in Brooklyn, NY toward the end of August. This will be our first time visiting New York! Crazy, I know! I’m honestly more excited to people watch and steal fashion ideas than I am for the actual fest. ❤

I also have a mini girls trip coming up! Yas! One of my good friends and I will be road tripping to Philly in a few weeks for the Coldplay concert. SO pumped because I love Coldplay and we get to run (more like slowly crawl) the Rocky steps. 😉

I advise you all to come to the same realization as I did. Go on a quick road trip with your loved ones. Be spontaneous! Our lives go flying at the speed of sound (Coldplay pun) and we need to take full advantage of the time we have left here.

Unable to travel? Be a tourist in your own town. Last Friday, I had an awesome girls night in Downtown Cleveland and I hit up a local festival on Sunday with my husband. I had a blast! Summer is the perfect time to track down some local events, festivals and concerts. Before you know it, it will be freezing out and you wont want to do anything else besides Netflix and chill.

Yes, be responsible and worry about the serious things in life but also remember to HAVE FUN!

❤ D.O.